HMIS Bed Coverage

HMIS-bed coverage rate refers to the proportion of beds in a community that participate in HMIS. The HMIS bed
coverage rate is equal to the total number of HMIS-participating beds divided by the total number of beds in a community. (Calculation information below). Please note: Domestic Violence (DV) Emergency Shelters cannot participate in the HMIS System due to legal protections for domestic violence victims.

In 2017, during the AHAR Report, our HMIS bed participation was far below of the 50% participation needed to extrapolate data and report to Congress in the AHAR (see Library).

With the addition of 28 beds to the official HUD bed count on January 2017- currently we have a 42% adult household participation rate (75 of 178). Family household beds have a participation rate of 82% (121 of 147).
The Continuum of Care would like to increase coverage in HMIS.

HMIS Bed Coverage Calculation Example:
Total Beds = 100
Beds in HMIS = 75
Bed coverage = 75/100 = 75% HMIS Bed Coverage

Seasonal beds are converted to year round bed equivalent numbers on this page.
Seasonal Bed Calculation
Total beds = 50
Days available seasonally =100
Beds x Days = 5000 bednights
Divide by 365 for equivalent year round beds
5000 bednights /365 days = 13.69 year round equivalent beds

Emergency Shelters & Transitional Beds Year Round (Thermal Shelters Pro-rated beds). Domestic Violence Shelters cannot participate in HMIS.Family BedsFamily Beds in HMISHMIS Participation rateInd BedInd Bed HMISHMIS Participation rate
Page County000.00%000.00%