System Performance Measures

Measure 1 – Length of Time Homeless 2015 & 2016

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FY2016 – System Performance Measures
FY2017 – System Performance Measures

HUD has developed the following seven system-level performance measures to help communities gauge their
progress in preventing and ending homelessness:

  • 1. Length of time persons remain homeless;
  • 2. The extent to which persons who exit homelessness to permanent housing destinations return to homelessness;
  • 3. Number of homeless persons;
  • 4. Jobs and income growth for homeless persons in CoC Program-funded projects;
  • 5. Number of persons who become homeless for the first time;
  • 6. Homelessness prevention and housing placement of persons defined by Category 3 of HUD’s homeless definition in CoC Program-funded projects;
  • 7. Successful housing placement;

The purpose of these measures is to provide a more complete picture of how well a community is preventing
and ending homelessness. The number of homeless persons measure (#3) directly assesses a CoC’s progress
toward eliminating homelessness by counting the number of people experiencing homelessness both at a point
in time and over the course of a year.

The six other measures help communities understand how well they are
reducing the number of people who become homeless and helping people become quickly and stably housed.
– From HUD’s “System Performance Measures in Context”