The Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority, under the guidance of Michael Wong, serves as the CoC HMIS Administrator. The Program has one full time HMIS Coordinator, Laura Black. At the time of this post, the Continuum has 27 ClientPoint HMIS Licenses, A CallPoint Installation for Centralized Intake, 7 ART (advanced) reporting tools, and one Qlik installation.

 The VA-513 HMIS system is part of a broader multi-CoC HMIS Collaborative through Homeward Inc. known as The Homeward Community Information System (HCIS). The HCIS system covers Western VA-513, Richmond VA-500, Fredericksburg VA-514 and Balance of State VA-521.

Program Scope

The HMIS Coordinator provides support to HMIS users by providing supplemental training, providing equipment (as available) to capture HMIS data, providing technical support for agencies and users, monitoring local data quality and compliance.

  • HMIS data produces several state and federally required reports (see data library)
  • The Annual Homeless Assessment report (AHAR) to HUD
  • System Performance Measures (SPM) Report to HUD
  • The Housing Inventory report (HIC) to HUD
  • Point in Time Count (PiT) to HUD
  • Veteran Rehousing statistics monthly to DHCD
  • VHSP Community Housing Report to DHCD.

The HMIS Coordinator also creates reports as requested to support area agencies and the CoC Homeless System.

Point in Time efforts:  The HMIS Coordinator produces a methodology and coordinates the PiT count across the region. The HMIS Coordinator trains PiT volunteers and publishes an online PiT training resource.

The HMIS Coordinator is working with the CoC to implement new strategies for improving HMIS bed coverage through a Strategic Plan Data task Group. Also working with the CoC to begin a Street Outreach Program.